Mar 30/19

A Champs - Comfortably Gloved

B Champs - Shenanigans

Donations over $100 - Comfortably Gloved $225

Total teams that donated - 7

Thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate World Autism Awareness Day .

Mar 31

Thank you to all the teams that came out  to support World Autism Awareness Day at MLS. We want to thank everyone involved. Congratulations to A Champs Homeruns For Harambe and B Champs Dirty Piranhas.

Feb 10

We had a small turnout for Feb 10 at MLS but we want  to thank all of the teams that made the journey and had a great time. We also want to send a HUGE shoutout to Blazin' Bats who brought in $293 in donations. We don't receive a lot of donations at dome, due to the expense and so this was truly appreciated. Congratulations to A champs Homeruns For Harambe and B Champs Brandon's Blue Birds. Our next trip to MLS is Mar 31 in support of World Autism Awareness Day which is April 2. We hope to see you there.

Our first dome tournament of the season was another great success. We want to thank all of the players that contributed in making it so much fun. 

In the A finals Homeruns For Harambe squeaked out a narrow victory over Wild Bunch. The B side was our road trip final featuring a Brandons Blue Birds who travelled 2 1/2 hours from the Deseronto area and the Sudbury Mudcats who travelled 4 hours from Sudbury. In the end the Blue Birds held on for a narrow 11-10 victory. 

We also want to send a shout out to Rick Shanahan at NSA for assisting us with access to the dome. We will be back again in February to do it all again.