August / 2019

Bowers Fields, Peterborough Aug 10

A Champs - Punk Turkey's

B Champs - Swingers

Donations over $100 - Pitches Be Crazy $340

                                          Odd Sox $140

Total teams that donated - 3


Thank you to all of those that participated and umpired. Thanks for getting through the rain delays and from Emily - A big shoutout to all of the teams for taking turns watching the table while I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off


We had a great time again in Peterborough. Ten teams took part. In the end Average Joe's won the A championship and Smoking Bases won the B. 

We want to thank Challengers Baseball for donating an awesome trophy. We also want to thank our umpires, both carded and volunteer that stepped up to help. They did a great job as always.  Thank you also to the families that got up to speak at our public address portion. It is always an eye opener to hear directly from families affected by Autism. 

Our leader in donations were High Five with $85 donated. Thank you for that. Lastly, we want to thank all of the players that helped make this another successful tournament.


What do you when the rain date has rain? You play ball... until the lightning. We were in Peterborough for our second time but this time it was at Bowers. Eleven teams had a good time and we got the day in mostly until storms wiped out the last hour.

Once again we were able to pay out another family of Autism and hear some amazing stories.

We want to thank all of the volunteers that helped us as well as some terrific teams. On the field High Five were crowned A champs and Team Owen B champs. Congratulations to all>