North Bay is quickly becoming one of our favorite stops. Sixteen teams took the field and sportsmanship displayed by all. The skills comps may have been our highest participation level of the year with Angie Hamilton running the bases only 1 second shy of the guys and Matt Wesson taking both the Pitching and Hardest throw comp.

Donations were an interesting story. Positive Promotions brought ion $240 and one other team $80 BUT Positive Promotions then put a new spin on it. They had a "strikeout jar". Every time someone struck out they had to donate $5. This brought an additional $75. Then after the prize draws someone from HGS gave us $50 and then the girls from the team went through the stands and collected another $210. Overall it all added up to another family being paid.

On Sunday we were in for a treat at the prize draws. Two amazing speakers, Barb Edwards and Tammy Mongraine got up and spoke about their experiences in a family of Autism. There were both positive and negative and by the time they were done, possibly not a dry eye in the place. It was very moving.

On the diamond HGS defeated the #2 ranked DILLIGAF in the A semis and followed that up by defeating the #1 ranked Snatchin Balls (last years champs) to take the A championship. In the B final Beaver Blasters defeated Home Wreckers while in the C No Glove No Love defeated Canadian Sluggers in extra innings. Congratulations.

Thank you to everyone that helped umpire, Jacob for the Sport Check card donation, and to every one of the players that helped make it such an enjoyable weekend!