We had a gorgeous day in Newmarket for SPFA. Once again, we learned that no matter how many tournaments you do there'll always be something new. How often have you seen a ball go off of a players glove and over the outfield fence? Occasionally but not often. Now, how often have you seen it happen two games in a row involving the same team?

We want to thank everyone that helped to make it a successful and enjoyable day as well as the volunteers and umpires that did a great job. We also want to send a shout out to Michael Walley who did a great job convening his first SPFA tournament.

Congratulations to champions Where's Joel's Dad.

We look forward to seeing you all again. 


Our first trip to Newmarket was a successful one. With only 2 diamonds we could only take 8 teams. 

We had the opportunity to hear some new speakers during the prize draws and Mitch ran his first SPFA tournament solo to rave reviews.

We to thank those that donated and those that pitched in to help with the umpiring. We all also want to thank all of the teams that helped to make to a successful tournament.

Congratulations to tournament champions Suicide Squad!! Another one for the mantle.