August / 2019


A Champs - Mangled In the Outfield

B Champs - Color 4

Total teams that donated - 0

Thank you to everyone for a great first dome tourney in Sask.


Labour Day in Moose Jaw saw eight teams take part in Slo-pitch For Autism. Congratulations to tournament champs Misfits.

We want to thank The Gems who lead the way in donations with $60. We also want to thank all of those that helped out along the way, Taylor for doing another great job and all of the participants that helped to make it a great day!!


Moose Jaw was a treat for us. Our first out of province tournament saw 14 teams have an amazing day and learn what the Slo-pitch For Autism brand is all about. We heard from some inspiring people at the prize draws telling us about their experience in families of Autism.

We want to thank the teams that brought in donations, the volunteers that helped with umpiring, all of the players that helped make it a great day and Taylor Brake who helped ensure that this all came together in Moose Jaw. 

On The diamonds it was Pitch Slapped over 3 Strikes in the A final and Loaded 44 over the Relegators in the B final. Congratulations!!

Thanks again Moose Jaw. SPFA will be back!