This was our third year in Kingston. It is nice to see some old friends as these tourneys continue as well as meet many new ones.  One of the hi-lites is always the skills competition. This was no exception. In the home run comp for men Matt Lynch took the title with 5 but the record for Kingston is still held by Cody Metcalfe at 10. For the women, Laura from Chix With Stix outlasted Kat Dussault in a swing off that ended up going 6 rounds of back and forth. In the hardest throw, Ashley DiRinaldo won with a throw of 54 m.p.h. This was the first time that the women had taken part in this event. For the men Roland Villeneuve set a new record at 72 m.p.h. surpassing a 71 m.p.h. put up Brampton. In the base running Kat Dussault won with a time of 12.32 while for the men Andre from Weekend Warriors put up a time of 10.96 despite sttumbling around 3rd. Finally in the hitting accuracy, once again, a female was awarded both the men's and women's title. That was accomplished by Tandy Tanner. Thank you to all that participated.

This is where we saw our first all girls team (except Andrea). In the end Real McCoy defeated the Twins in the final. We wish to thank all of volunteers that helped to ump, Mike Doyle and Play It Again Sports for awesome prize donations, and most importantly all of the players that helped make it such an enjoyable weekend. Thanks K- town!