September 2019

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Halton Hills was fun as always. The couple of speakers that we had were incredible, one from a family with a 21 year old and the from a family with a 4 year old. They really give great insight on what it's like living with Autism.

Five teams donated lead by Yank-deez with a $1200 donation and OTF Guelph Splats topped up with $610 bringing them to almost $2000 on the year.

We want to thank our umpires and everyone that participated. You were all amazing.

Congratulations to tournament champions Snappers.

We look forward to returning again next year.


Our third trip to Halton Hills was yet another great tournament. Eight teams took part on a beautiful day and it was enjoyed thoroughly. The hi-lite definitely came at the prize draw when The Machine presented us with a $2000 donation. On top of that their captain Jon introduced the father and Autistic son that they were playing for and we heard from them briefly. On top of that we were able to introduce Jon to one of the families that was a beneficiary of that donation as they were in attendance. Moments like that are truly WHY our tournaments are so special.

We want to thank Pawly for the amazing artwork that he donated, Stephen for helping with the umping and all of the players that helped to make this day special.

On the diamonds, Justice League defeated Guelph champions The Machine in the A final. This was their first A championship after entering about 20 of our tournaments. On the B side Gluten Free One Hit Wonder Bread (longest name in tournament history) defeated stingers for the B championship. Congrats to all.