Guelph Lake Park, Guelph Aug 3

A Champs - Tailgaters

B Champs - Yank Deez

Donations over $100 - Mixed Nuts $110

                                           Inglorious Batters $100

Total teams that donated - 10


Thank you to all of the participants and umpires for another great day on the diamonds. Thank you also, to the two that gave such passionate speeches about Autism. 

Sno-pitch Feb/19

Champs - Blue Moon

Donations - $205 (3 teams)

Donations over $100 - Mixed Nuts $140

Thank you to everyone that came out for a fun day of ball.


As always, Guelph was a blast. This tournament had eight teams. After the round robin nobody was 3-0 and nobody was 0-3. It was nice to have teams so evenly matched. In the end Blue Moon defeated Yagers to become tournament champs.

During the prize draws we had the privilege of hearing from two amazing speakers that shared their personal experiences with Autism. Five teams combined for over $700 in donations lead by OTF Guelph Splats with $260 and Misfits with $245.

Thank you so much to all those that donated, to our umpires and to all of the players. Guelph never disappoints.

Guelph University May 12/18

Seven teams took part in Slo-pitch For Autism at Guelph University. We want to thank everyone that helped out and participated. It was a very fun day. On the diamond Blue Moon defeated Smack A Pitch in the finals to become our first Tournament of Champions qualifier. Three teams and one umpire (Kirk) combined to bring in $480 in donations which is fantastic. Thank you so much. We also want to send a shout out to Paul Holland for completing his first summer tournament as SPFA convener. 


Sno/mud pitch turned out to be a lot of fun in Guelph.  The weather started cold with a little bit of snow, then warm with sun then cooled later. It made for interesting conditions. We want to thank the teams that participated and send a big SHOUT OUT to Blue Moon for their donation. Congratulations to Cujo's Cubs who defeated Blue Moon 4-3 in 10 innings. It was a great back and forth game from start to finish.