October / 2019


Champs - Aftershock

Donations over $100 - Knights $770

                                          Zehrs      $610

                                          Cambridge Hawks $447

Total teams that donated - 5


Thank you to all of the participants and umpires for another great day on the diamonds


We saw all four seasons in one day in Cambridge this past weekend. Unfortunately we were not able to get our finals in as eventually the fields became saturated.

The rest of the day was fantastic. We want to thank our amazing umpires and all of the players that made it special. We saw a 13 inning game between Donkey Punches and Balls n' Dolls, an all our Pillar style catch by Jeremy Biffis, Jamie Zolnai hit it out of the park and across the road behind and many other awesome moments.

Thank you to Mark for speaking about Autism at the prize draws. We also want to thank all of the teams that donated (10 in total) lead by Sounds Gooderer with $380 and Misfits with $370.

Congratulations to A Champs Blue Moon and B Champs Yank-Deez. Thank you all for a great day!!


Ten teams took the diamonds in Cambridge. We had a terrific day. Six teams combined for over $1700 in donations lead by Zehr's with $865 and Scared Hitless with $500. On behalf of the families of Autism on our wait list thank you so much for your kindness. We also want to send another shout out to Scared Hitless for the donations that they brought for the prize table. To all of the umpires that worked through extreme heat to make it a great day thank you.

On the diamond The Texas Leaguers won the B championship while Eager Beavers came back from a 10-1 deficit with two outs in their last at bat to win an amazing 14-11 game and take the A championship. Congratulations to both teams. Thanks to everyone that came out and helped to make this tournament a success.

Appreciation Tourney 2017

The craziness on the ball diamonds continued with our second appreciation tournament in Cambridge. Ten teams took part in a fun-filled day. The crazy rules confused both players and umpires at times but also made for a lot of laughs. That evening we returned to the park where those that attended were treated to free burgers and fries and more prizes were available than people. We di two rounds of draws. At the end of that there were only two people without a prize. We called them up and drew a second prize which was only a Tim card. That left one person without a prize, Gail Sousa. For her *non-luck* she was rewarded with a new bat.

We want to thank those that helped with the umpiring and all of the players that helped to make it a great day. On the diamonds Blue Ballz defeated Sons of Pitches in the A final while WOOSAA defeated Sounds Gooderer - Atypical in the B final. Congratulations. For now it's back to regular ball but we'll be back next year.

Our first trip to Cambridge was sold out well in advance. Twelve teams packed the place and were there to support a great cause. They supported the raffles and merch sales as well as helped out when needed with umpiring. We truly want to thank you all.

The hi-lite of the day came when team Sticks n' Stones / Royals submitted the largest donation that we have ever received in the amount of $3745. That will payout 7+ families of Autism.

On the diamonds congratulations to B Champs Royals and A Champs JAFT.

Cambridge after that kind of support we will be back and even bigger. Thank you