Yet another sold out tournament took place in Brampton. Twelve teams took to the field (for about 10 minutes before the rain). After a delay we resumed play and were able to get the rest of the day in only loosing our semi-finals.

We want to thank all the volunteers and players that helped to make it a great day. Thanks to Laura and Paddy for getting up to speak. Thanks to 6 year old Carter Bennett from Cornerbrook Nfld. who donated 2 sets of Jays tickets. Thank you to all of the teams that donated with a BIG shout out to Gluten Free Rib Eyes for their donation of $910.

On the diamond JAFT defeated Gluten Free Tater Tots in the A final and G Squad defeated Gluten Free Rib Eyes. Thank you to all of those that attended and played in the spirit of what we stand for.