Peake Fields at Verena Acres, Bracebridge July 6

Champs - Trashers

Donations over $100 - Eager Beavers $230

Total teams that donated - 2


Thank you to all of the participants and umpires for another great day on the diamonds


Once again, Bracebridge proved to be one of our favorite destinations. Eight teams took part and in the end Chimney Sweeps were the champs.

We want to thank all those that combined to bring in over $800 in donations, lead by Eager Beavers with $400 and a passerby who overheard and wanted to support the cause that gave $200.

Thank you to our umpires for another great job and to everyone that participated for helping to make it a great day!


Bracebridge is quickly becoming one of our favorite locations. It is a beautiful facility and the teams are drama free. We had nine teams participate on a gorgeous day. The hi-lite was definitely when the young man in the wheelchair, stepped up, hit the ball and rounded the bases. If you haven't seen the video it can be found on our Facebook page. We also had the privilege of presenting another family family that had been on our list a long time with their payout. Helping people is what it is really all about. 

We want to thank Jessie for the prize donation, the volunteers that helped with umpiring and of course all of the players that made this a great day. Congratulations to our champions Suicide Squad who defeated Clean Sweeps in the final after taking a 1 run victory over Pieced Together in the semis. We look forward to returning to Bracebridge again next year!!