June 29

A Champs - The Red Team

B Champs - Lex's Legion

Donations over $100 - Autism Fighters $155

                                          The Red Team     $145

                                          Eager Beavers    $139

                                          Misfits                   $100

Total teams that donated - 11


Thank you to all of those that participated, umpired and spoke at the Autism portion. We also want to send a shout out to all those that donated (11 of 12 teams is a great number) 

May 11-12/19

A Champs - Comfortably Gloved

B Champs - Troy's Rebels

Donations over $100 - Stroud Swingers $1500

                                          Stick It $260

                                          Comfortably Gloved $250

                                          Blue Jays $120

Total teams that donated - 7


Thank you to all of those that participated, umpired and spoke at the Autism portion.

June 30/18

This tournament in Barrie was as hot as ... well you fill it in. With humidex in the mid 40's twelve teams took part and enjoyed the day. We want to send a HUGE shout out to the umpires who endured the heat (especially Art who after being on the diamond for every game got to the finals only to have it go 2 extra innings). We also want to thank the teams that made donations lead by Ol West Wing with a $70 donation. One final congrats goes to James Groves who did a great job convening his first SPFA tournament.

Congrats to C Champs, Sandlot Gang B Champs Kocky Dog who won their final by one run and to A Champs Comfortably Gloved who defeated 2Fast 2Furious in nine innings.

Our apologies to Ol West Wing and Here For the Beer whose team pics we did not get. Thank you to everyone for participating and making it a great day!!

May 12-13/18

Once again Barrie was a great success. Fourteen teams took the field on a beautiful weekend (except the gigantic dust devil that destroyed our tent on Sunday). We ran skills comps on Saturday and on Sunday were treated to 3 amazing speakers from families of Autism. We also received over $500 in donations at this tournament with 9 teams contributing. That means another family getting paid this week. Way to go everyone.

On the diamond Fast n' Furious defeated Comfortably Gloved in the A final and qualified for our Tournament of Champions.  Meanwhile Stanley Crew defeated Pitches Be Crazy in the B final.

We want to thank everyone involved that helped continue to make Barrie a staple for us in SPFA.