September / 2019


A Champs - Captain Underpants

B Champs - Young Guns

Donations over $100 - Brew's Crew $130

                                          Young Guns   $125

Total teams that donated - 3


Thank you to all of the participants and umpires for another great day on the diamonds

Sept 2018

Our final trip to Baltimore saw fourteen teams take part.  Unfortunately we did have one team no show which left us scrambling with scheduling. We want to thank everyone that participated and helped out. Thank you to our umpires and to all of the teams that brought in donations. Donations were lead by Brew's Crew with another $185 bringing them to $1000 on the year. Our apologies to Caught Looking whose team photo was missed.

On the diamonds congratulations to A champs Trolls and Hags who won on a walkoff and to B champs The Leftovers. 

We look forward to returning to Baltimore next year. It's a good facility with good people. That makes for an enjoyable experience. Thank you all!!

May 2018

Eight teams took part in our first tournament in Baltimore. We want to thank every one of you for coming out. On this day Dirty Piranhas topped up their lead in fundraising with another $145. We want to thank them as well as all of the umpires that helped to make it a successful day. On the diamonds we got through the whole day with nice weather before the rains came 1 inning into the finals. In the end we called co-champions Shockers and

Trolls and Hags.  Congratulations to both teams. Hopefully you'll get your re-match somewhere along the way.