What a great weekend of ball with a great group of lads and gals for a great cause... Thanx to Ritch Holland and his gang for consistently running a awesome tourney, glad to be a part of it.. Nothing better then making the B finals 2 years in a row just glad to have won it this time around.. 

In true Ritch Holland fashion, my shout out Sunday goes to all the folks involved with B & R Promotions for organizing another great weekend of baseball! An absolute honor to be involved in such a great tournament for such a great cause! Well done everyone!
Thanks to Ritch Holland, Paul Holland, Brian Chisholm, Debby Boyd and anyone else I may have missed from B&R Promotions team for another fun weekend of ball and thanks to the volunteers who umpired....

I had a wonderful time at Adams Hope! I cried in my public speech talking about how proud I was of Kaden, but whatever! I'm so proud of how far this tournament has come. I'll be back every year! Thanks for having me out Rex! 😊


Thank you for a great day of ball with a bunch of good friends.It was well put together and we all had a wonderful time. our team decided not to use the prize you gave us and donated it to a brain cancer turney next Saturday. We look forward to joining you next year!!

We had such an amazing time, we cannot thank you enough and have had many compliments and players tell us they cannot wait to come back next year!!!!

A big shout out to you guys! This was one of my favourite tournaments of the summer! It was ran very well, all the volunteer umps did fantastic and it's such a great cause. Big round of applause to you! CAN'T wait to play next year :) keep up the amazing job!

Would like to thank each and everyone of the hard working pwople who put on yet another GREAT tourney yesterday!!! 

On behalf of all the Swing for Autism team, GOOD WELL DONE!!!

An Amazing event and definitely left an amazing impression on us all. Extremely well done job

What an awesome weekend of ball. Thanks for an amazing experience.

Great tourney. Very well run. Great cause ! be back next year for sure !

Easily the best tournament I have ever been in. Thanks a lot.

Loved being a part of this amazing event. Thank you for doing this. ❤ (The Amazing Gracie's)

I would like to Thank Ritch and all the volunteers for putting a great weekend in Kingston it was hot but Real McCoy had a great time.

Thanks for hosting a great tournament this weekend in wasaga beach. Had a great time rain or shine :)

My heart is so full! I've been trying to put into words to form a proper Thank You :) for the awesomeness of the whole weekend!